Far From Rome, near to God - Von Rom zu Christus (Englisch)

Testimonies of Former Roman Catholic Priests


  1. A Priest, but a Stranger to God (Joseph Tremblay)

  2. Christ Alone Is the Way (Henry Gregory Adams)

  3. Pilgrimage from Rome (Bartholow F.Brewer)

  4. From Friar to Freedom in Christ (Hugh Farrell)

  5. Saved by the Free Grace of God (Robert V.Julien)

  6. Free Indeed (Alexander Carson)

  7. A Priest Asks God for Grace (Charles Berry)

  8. Once a Jesiut, Now a Child of God (Bob Bush)

  9. An Irresistible Call (Cipriano Valdes Jaimes)

10. (Johannes Ramel)

11. Why I Left the Monastery (MIguel Carvajal)

12. Grace and Truth Came to Me by Jesus Christ (Arnaldo Uchoa Cavalcante)

13.  The Gosp)el of Grace in Jesus Christ (Thoufic Khouri

14. There Is Power in Christ`s Atoning Blood (Simon Kottoor)

15. From the Monastery to the MInistry (Josè Borras)

16. I Discovered the Word of God (Enrique Fernández)

17. My 'Damascus Road' (Fransisco Lacueva)

18. 'Thou Knowest That I Love Thee' (Juan T.Sanz)

19. The Professor's Methods Did Ot Work (Celso Muñiz)

20. From Roman Priest to Radio Evangelist (Manuel Garrido Aldama)

21. Jesus Saved even Me (José Manuel de León)

22. I Was Blind, Now I See (José A. Fernandez)

23. New LIfe for a Jesuit Priest (José Rico)

24. Twenty-Three Years in the Jesuit Order (Luis Padrosa)

25. I was a Blind Leader of the Blind (Salvatore Gargiulo)

26. I received mercy (Edoardo Labanchi)

27. (Mark Penã)

28. I could not serve two masters (Giuseppe Zacchello)

29. Rescued by the Grace of God (Cuthbert Dzingirai)

30. The Word of God Came to My Rescue (Giuseppe Lulich)

31. Living water - peace with God(Mariano Rughi)

32. The Way made clear (Joseph Cherucheril)

33. I found Christ the only mediator (Giovanni Zanon)

34. From works to the Light of the Gospel (John Preston)

35. From dead Religion to New Life in Christ (Vincent O´Shaughnessy)

36. Transformed by Christ (Benigno Zuniga)

37. The Holy Spirit brings His people from Darkness into Light (Roman Mazierski)

38. I was not antagonistic to the truth (Bruno Bottesin)

39. A Monk for Twenty Years, Theen Born Again (Renato di Lorenzo)

40. Life after the Catholic priesthood (Dominic Stockford)

41. I found everything when I found Christ (Antonio Pezzotta)

42. From Priest to Preacher (J.M.A.Hendriksen)

43. My Path into Christ's Joy (Charles A. Bolton)

44. God's Grace in the Life of a Monk (Nino Tirelli)

45. The Soul of a Priest (Leo Lehmann)

46. My Encounter with God (Guido Scalzi)

47. (Pino Scalabrino)

48. (Thomas Connellan)

49. (Anibal Pereira Dos Reis)

50. From Tradition to Truth (Peter Richard Bennett)

51. Fifty Years in the Church of Rome (Charles Chiniquy)

52. The Truth Set Me Free (Toon Vanhuysse)

53. God's Grace in New Guinea (Jacob Van der Velden)

54. Out of Darkness into His Marvelous Light (Robert A. Champagne)

55. A Catholic Priest Born From Above (Henry Nowakowski)

56. (Peter Alphonsus Sequin)

57. A Priest Finds the Saviour (J.Ernest Fresques)

58. (Charles Mazena)


 Testimonies of Former Roman Catholic Nuns


  1. From a Nun`s Convent to Biblical Conversion (Jacqueline Kassar)   

  2. Story (Lolly Harding)

  3. Led by the Shepherd (Eileen Donnelly)

  4. Finding True Freedom in Christ (Nancy Hohman)

  6. The Unsearchable Ways of God (Mary C. Hertel)

  7. God`s Word Needs No Authority Other Than Itself (Mary Ann Pakiz)

  8. His banner over me is love (Jo Ellen Kaminski)

11. My Search for Peace - a Nun`s Story (Alicia Simpson)

12. And the Truth Made Me Free (Sophia Tekien)

13. Mother`s Vocation and God`s Grace (Donna Spader Shire)

14. The Lord`s Providential call by Fire (Carmen Da Motta)

15. This is my story (Doreen Eberhardt)

16. A Labyrinthian Way (Eileen M.Doran)

17. My Desire to do Good (Wilma Sullivan)

19. (Karlene Lynn)

20. (Helene Hart)

25. (Agnès Beau)

33. A Nun set free by God' Unmerited Grace (Amanda Scopilliti)


Testimonies of Former Roman Catholics

  9. Do you understand what you read? (Michael F.Scotto)

20. The Lord in Whom I have redemption (Jennifer Irving)